July 28, 2011

Rise from your grave!

Huh? Oh, right! The blog! When was the last time I...wow, really?

You know what? Let's start fresh. No sense dragging around all those old posts from yesteryear. Did you hear I'm about to start work at Nickelodeon? 

I know, right?

What? No, I'm not nervous, c'mon! Me?

Trembling? No, that's...that's just 'cuz it's cold out. You don't feel cold? Really? Well I feel cold...


Andrés Alvarez said...

Rise from the Grave and become the best Board artist ever! *Theme music* :-)

congrats brutha, sometimes in life your closer to your goals than you think and sometimes you just might have the opportunity to do great things in life.

I believe in you bro just never stop believing in yourself this is what you have worked for your whole artistic life embrace your era!


Brian Stuckey said...

GOD! It's about damn time you got back to your blog! Now go out there and show the world what Max Lawson is all about!!!!!