August 1, 2011

Fun With Physics

I made this the other day. It probably needs some explaining. I've been playing this stupid online game called Transformice with some of the folks on the Something Awful Forums. In it, everyone is a mouse whose job it is to navigate through a map to a piece of cheese and bring it back to their mouse hole. One player is designated the Shaman, who has the power to create crates, planks, etc. to help the other mice. There are a few problems with this:

  1. The shaman is usually an asshole
  2. The other mice are usually assholes
  3. The physics engine was coded by assholes
This means that pretty much any attempt to complete a level will be hindered either by the Shaman killing everyone, the players deliberately destroying anything the shaman builds, or the physics engine spazzing out and killing everyone. This may sound like a crappy game, but it's actually great fun. Win or lose, you'll be in tears from laughing so much at everyone's antics. One time I was shaman and every time I tried to build something the other 25 mice would run over and shove it off the edge of the map. Why? Why not!

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Brian Stuckey said...

I like it! Awesome! Now DO MORE!